Spiced Espresso and Tonic

Espresso and Tonic is a drink that has been appearing on coffee shop menus around the world ever since Swedish coffee roaster, Koppi, stumbled on the tasty combination in 2007. Requiring nothing more than pouring a shot of chilled espresso over a glass of tonic, it may seem like an unusual pairing, but it absolutely works. Espresso and tonic are both bitter, the citrusy elements of tonic pair nicely with the brighter elements of espresso, and anything with bubbles is instantly refreshing.

We like to take the basic Espresso and Tonic formula one step further by adding Seedlip Spice 94—a non-alcoholic spirit with notes of allspice, cardamom, and citrus—and our intensely flavored Aromatic bitters. The result is a bright, refreshing pick-me-up with intriguing notes of spice and ginger.


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