Sea Buckthorn Old Fashioned

Have you ever tasted Sea Buckthorn berries? It's a fascinating flavor that really has to be experienced. They're tart and citrusy, slightly fruity and tropical, and a little bit bittersweet. The plant itself is a shrub that grows in mountainous regions and near riverbanks and flood lands throughout Northern Europe, China, and Russia.

Rose and Chris Bax make the wonderful Bax Botanics line of non-alcoholic spirits in the UK, and their Sea Buckthorn spirit combines the tart berries with orange peel and herbs like thyme and rosemary. It's a fantastic alternative to gin, although it's not like any gin you've ever tasted before.

This rendition of a zero proof Old Fashioned combines Bax Sea Buckthorn with a bit of strongly brewed lapsang souchong tea for earthy smoke, simple syrup for balance, and our non-alcoholic Aromatic bitters for punch and spice. It's familiar yet beguiling at the same time, and one you'll want to sit with and sip slowly.


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