A modern classic, the Penicillin was created by Sam Ross while he was working at New York's Milk & Honey, one of (if not the) most influential bars of our current era. Riffing on a Gold Rush cocktail, the Penicillin combines lemon juice, ginger honey syrup, and smoky Islay scotch.

The world of non-alcoholic spirits has yet to fully embrace scotch, so instead we're going to use a terrific replacement, the smoked black tea called lapsang souchong. Delicious on its own as a hot tea, it's a wonderful zero-proof cocktail ingredient that stands in perfectly for scotch and mezcal.

Like with many boozeless renditions of the classics (or modern classics), a few small tweaks are in order. Aromatic bitters add some depth here, and our oft-used secret weapon—apple cider vinegar—gives this drink punch and staying power on the palate.


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