Summer Shandy

Beer cocktails don't get enough love. Its carbonation and yeastiness lend perfectly to any drink that you might otherwise make with sparkling wine, or simply in place of club soda for an additional element of flavor. Beer goes particularly well with bitter aperitifs, like in the Spaghett, a Baltimore cocktail made with Miller High Life, Aperol, and lemon juice. Or try simply mixing a few dashes of our alcohol-free cocktail bitters with beer for a delightful twist on a basic beer.

Of all the potential for mixing beer into cocktails, though, the Shandy is the most classic. Typically made by either mixing lemonade or ginger ale with beer 50/50, it's a refreshing and easy drink. In this recipe we've combined one of our favorite non-alcoholic beers, Wellbeing Victory Wheat, with lemonade and our Orange bitters for an extra burst of flavor. Feel free to use any kind of beer you'd like, but lighter beers tend to work better.


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