Mezcal Negroni

The Negroni is one of the world's most perfect cocktails. With just 3 ingredients in equal proportions—gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth—it's an incredibly simple drink and one that has inspired countless variations. One of the easiest ways to tweak a Negroni is by swapping out the base spirit, gin, for something else.

In this alcohol-free adaptation of a Mezcal Negroni, we combine For Bitter For Worse's Smoky No. 56 with non-alcoholic tequila (Free Spirits is one of our favorites) to simulate Mezcal, and the effect is spectacular. Add a bittersweet orange liqueur such as Lyre's Italian Orange and our Aromatic Bitters and you've got a shockingly convincing Negroni riff. 

This isn't your typical sugary sweet mocktail—this is a sophisticated, classy zero-proof cocktail full of smoke, agave spice, and bitter citrus.


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