Amaretto Sour

Amaretto, the sweet almond-flavored liqueur from Saronno, Italy, is relatively low in alcohol, typically clocking in at around 25% ABV, making it a great choice for low-alcohol cocktails. But let's say you're looking for a fully non-alcoholic drink tonight. Is there a non-alcoholic amaretto? Yes! Lyre's makes our favorite version. Their Amaretti spirit is incredibly satisfying, hitting all the same notes as traditional Amaretto.

One of the alcohol-free drinks we make most often at home is an Amaretto Sour, although we like Portland bartender Jeffrey Morganthaler's version better than the classic recipe. To balance the cocktail's sweetness, he adds high-proof bourbon and uses fresh lemon, rather than the premade sour mix that has given the drink a bad rap. We won't be using high-proof bourbon—quite the opposite, we prefer Kentucky 74 NA whiskey—but we will insist on fresh juice.

Of course, we're going to make one more addition to this Amaretto Sour: our alcohol-free Aromatic bitters, which add the balancing element of bitter roots and some complementary spice flavors.


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