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Chocolate Mole Bitters
Chocolate Mole Bitters

Chocolate Mole Bitters

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0.0% ABV | 4oz (118 mL) bottle

Indulge in a perfectly balanced blend of chocolate, spices, and smoky peppers with our limited-release Chocolate Mole bitters.

Handmade with organic cocoa nibs, bitter roots, and a complex mix of spices, ancho, pasilla, and guajillo peppers, this delightful experience offers waves of flavor. Functional ingredients like dandelion root, burdock, and milk thistle seed may also support digestion and liver health.

Enjoy in a Mezcal Negroni, Old Fashioned, or Boulevardier for a truly unique experience—but hurry! Only 250 bottles were made, don't miss out!

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Zero Alcohol, Organic and Wild Foraged, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Beneficial Botanicals

Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water, apple cider vinegar*, cacao nibs*, spices*, gentian root*, bitter orange peel*, dandelion root*, burdock root*, guajillo pepper*, pasilla pepper, ancho pepper, ginger root*, milk thistle seed*

*Organic or wild foraged

No added colors, preservatives, flavors, or sugar. 0.0% ABV.

Pairs brilliantly with bourbon, tequila, mezcal, and bittersweet orange liqueurs like Campari. Can be added to non-alcoholic red wine for a kick of flavor and richness.

Shake well and add 2-3 dropperfuls to flavor any cocktail, sparkling water, tonic, beer, tea, coffee, etc. Give a brief stir to incorporate. Natural sediment may occur.

When interpreting cocktail recipes, use 1 dropperful (to the 1 mL line) per "dash" called for.

Tasting bitter flavor directly is what wakes up our digestive system, so for best digestive results, take 1-2 dropperfuls directly on the tongue shortly before or after meals, up to 6 times daily.

Mixing 3-5 dropperfuls into a glass of sparkling water is an effective and refreshing way to enjoy the wellness benefits of our bitters, and works best when sipped throughout the day.

Giving Back

Every purchase makes an impact—we donate 1% of total sales to environmental causes, and 2% of sales support recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elizabeth S
Unexpected and delicious!

These Chocolate Mole Bitters were sweet, deep in flavor, and so unexpected! I have used mine in an espresso martini mocktail and a smoked whiskey sour mocktail. Cannot believe how much I love these. Wish it was a permanent product!

Thank you for the review, Elizabeth! Good news: we're starting another small batch of these soon, and we plan to make them a permanent product in the future!

Richard Loud
Holy Mole

The first taste was a drop on the back of my hand. Deep chocolate, baking spices, and a bitter finish. Depth. Next was 4 dashes in a nonalcoholic Mezcal Old Fashioned, rounding it out quite nicely. Enhancing. THEN I tried 2 dashes in a glass of NA red wine and Holy Mole!!! Everybody knows chocolate and red wine go together but Chocolate Mole Bitters??? It’s the magic elevator that lifts the wine to the next level! That right there should make it a staple at any bar. Magical!

Chocolate ATB

The new chocolate bitter is excellent. I look forward to being able to order several bottles in the future as I use this flavor bitter in my often-daily glass of alcohol-free red wine.
A suggest for future expansion...I think the market would also welcome a coffee-derived bitter as an alternative/addition to the chocolate bitter to also balance the sweetness of the AF-reds.

David Castleberry

My favorite to date!

Josh Gandee
A Delight

All The Bitter Chocolate Mole Bitters bring a depth and complexity to my n/a drinks that was lacking before. The chocolate is pronounced without being overbearing, and applies a savory finish that has me craving a second sip. I enjoyed using these for n/a manhattan plays, or simply adding to cold brew and tonic. A can't miss!