Lavender Gin & Tonic

The gin & tonic is a classic that doesn't need much tweaking—it's simple, sophisticated, and refreshing—but that doesn't mean you can't put your own spin on it, and one of the easiest ways is to add a few dashes of bitters. Our Lavender bitters transform the simple cocktail into a perfect balance of floral elegance and refreshing citrus notes.

Use your favorite gin here, either with or without alcohol, but for the tonic, we particularly love Betty Buzz. The line of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers from Blake Lively (who does not drink) is lower in sugar and calories than standard mixers, and the tonic is less bitter than other options. That lightness makes Betty Buzz work well in this drink, lending a bittersweet bite to the gin's botanicals, but without overwhelming the delicate lavender flavors. A squeeze of lemon here, in place of the traditional lime, complements everything beautifully.

However you choose to make it, we know you'll love this Lavender Gin & Tonic, made easy with our calming, non-alcoholic Lavender bitters.


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